Perth Craft & Quilt Fair

We have just returned from the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair for 2014. What a great time we had! I always enjoy traveling to Perth as most of the people that come to see us at the stall I haven’t seen in a year. It is good to catch up and to hear about the new projects that have begun and what is going to be worked on next.

I was so delighted when one visitor to our stall showed me a piece made with tsumugi fabrics and sashiko that she had bought from BeBe Bold at last years Craft & Quilt Fair. The sashiko was from the BeBe Bold panel and worked beautifully with the fabric she had chosen. I always enjoy seeing the ways in which different fabrics, threads & designs can bring something new to the look of projects. I was so happy that she bought it to show me that I asked if I could take a photograph and put it on my blog. So here it is!

In Perth, I also taught a workshop about how to make a kogin button, with very happy results!! One was made into a hair tie and the other a ring.

We have recently received an array of crochet hooks and sets from Tulip and we are so pleased with them. They are fast becoming one of our most popular products and we can understand why!! Their ease of use and the quality of the materials are now synonymous with the Tulip brand in crochet. We have also had crochet threads from Olympus Thread and they are an absolute delight to use. I am now enjoying making lots of crochet projects!

We have also just received lots of books from Olympus Thread which we think are so beautifully presented. We have been especially enjoying working from this one Sashiko Dishcloths.

We are looking forward to the next Craft & Quilt Fair in a few weeks in Melbourne where I will be teaching kogin.




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