Japanese Quilt by Trish Sims

Trish made this truly wonderful and huge quilt for her bed and there are so many memories and samples of her work from sashiko, patchwork, appliqué and even kogin embroidery. Trish kept the quilting simple which worked well. Sashiko thread is great to use for tie quilting.
I love how she has incorporated so many different Japanese textiles that include kasuri, tsumugi, sakizomemomen, takumi, yukata and printed fabrics. A feast for the eyes…I kept finding more fascinating treasures on this quilt.
A future heirloom for sure.
Well done Trish, it’s been so interesting to watch it grow when you bought it along to Japanese group here in the studio!

photo 2-7

photo 1-8

photo 1-7

photo 1-6


4 thoughts on “Japanese Quilt by Trish Sims

  1. Truly magnificent, how creative you are. I enjoy seeing the stitching close up, as a beginner it provides me with excellent examples of the technique and standard I need to strive for , consistency is still a challenge for me. Thanks
    Kathleen, Canada

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