Shared Fragments in Time Exhibition – Ballina NSW Australia

photo 5-3

Enid Taylor and Yves standing in front of the 3 Boro Textile pieces Enid made out of old and new kazuri cotton fabrics and also a few shibori and yukata samples. I wish I could show you the back of these pieces as they are backed with Enid’s hand shibori cotton sheeting.
Enid picked through my stash of kasuri, scrap yukata and shibori fabrics to get a little collection going to incorporate into the three Boro hangings. There is a very small piece of hand shibori on white cotton (can you see which one it is?) this one in particular I remember so well as it was a little treasure I found while unpicking the collar on a child’s kasuri kimono! The weight and feel is quite extraordinary…all those rhythmic stitches, so it is no wonder that Boro cloth was excellent for warmth.
I am a very, very lucky person as one of these Boro works of art will be mine after the exhibition…Thank you so much 2-3

photo 4-4

This work by Enid called “100 years” I think should be hanging up in the war museum in Canberra as it says so much.
Silk fabric, synthetic and hand made wool felt, plant dyed wool thread were used in this work.
photo 1-4

The exhibition “Shared Fragments in Time”
Kirsten Ingemar & Enid Taylor along with the “Take six” group of textile artists is being held at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina’s on until the 29th June and well worth a visit!

Take care until next time,


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