Teaching in France

We recently returned from the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne and I was delighted to see that my workshop about sashiko and kogin  was well received! As it was a half an hour session, I spoke briefly about Hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) and kogin embroidery. It is wonderful to think that I am helping to create a bit of a buzz in Australian craft circles about these traditional Japanese crafts.

I also taught my Reversible Log Cabin quilt as you go method to a wonderful group from the Waverley Patchworkers..A truly lovely weekend. I was guest speaker on Monday night and I was so pleasantly surprised at the good attendance as the weather that night was pretty wild! I gave a talk about me and how I got started 28 years ago and my love of Japanese Crafts.

Reversible Log Cabin quilt as y

I am very much looking forward to my travels to the UK and France in August. Not long now! I begin in the UK for two weeks and then onward to France to teach sashiko and kogin. The art gallery where I will be teaching La Galerie at Arc-et-Senans is situated near the Jura mountains in the historic town of Arc-et-Senans, just across the road from the UNESCO listed Saline Royale. The flyer for the workshops can be seen here: BeBe Bold – La Galerie Arc-et-Senans.

Whilst I have been to Switzerland a few times now to visit family I have not yet ventured across the Jura mountain range to France. The journey will be glorious in the summertime. I hope to meet some locals but also welcome those who may (like me) be travelling from slightly further afield! We are taking bookings for the class now and whilst I don’t unfortunately speak much French I will have two very friendly translators to help.

Before travels overseas is the Craft and Quilt Fair Sydney which begins this Wednesday 9th of July at the new location in the Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island. Look forward to seeing you there at stand F1!
Then onto Adelaide for the Sewing, Stitching and Handcraft Show http://www.kjex.com.au/Sewing.html. We will be at stand S12 and have a class each day on sashiko at 10.30 so come along and see how wonderful and easy it is. We haven’t been to South Australia for a little while so we are really looking forward to our trip.


6 thoughts on “Teaching in France

  1. Lucky you and the students who you will teach. Happy travels.Put the Gold Circles around your plane xxx See you in Japan in November ?

  2. I attended your talk in Melbourne and was inspired to buy a Sashiko panel. The embroidery has given me many hours of pleasure. Thank you

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