Tsumugi Cotton and City Nights Quilt

Here at BeBe Bold we were pretty excited when our tsumugi cut cloth packs arrived. I had to make up a sample to show off the colours so decided that this design would work well as it’s a quick quilt to make and is also economical as there is not much left over from the pack. BeBe Bold City Nights Quilt Pattern and Kit .
Alternatively, two fabulous cushions could be made instead of a quilt. I did think about that but it’s much easier to transport a wee quilt to shows…so the quilt won.

I have loved tsumugi fabrics for many years. Tsumugi silk, tsumugi cotton which includes tsumugi cotton stripe. Samples of tsumugi cotton stripe can be found in my all time favourite book on sashiko written by Susan Briscoe called The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook. I find this fabric is ideal for sashiko stitching as the weave isn’t too tight so I use it most of the time.
Black cotton runs across the bolt (weft) with the colour running down the length (warp) of all the 14 colours in the series..Soon to be 13 as two of the teals are very close in colour.

On Thursday I got my creative fix from my wonderful friends in our Japanese Group. I truly look forward to their arrival as I know there will be a wonderful show and tell. Sharing ideas is very much part of the morning too.
We are still enjoying making Boro purses.  I particularly like this one made by Michele Barnett. Michele has used a great selection from her scrap bag. I know most of them, there is even a scrap of gold coloured tsumugi! For the stitching Michele used Herbs Crochet Threads which I also used on mine…see previous post.

Take care until next time,



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