Boro Inspired Reversible Loop Bag.

The Reversible Loop Bag Pattern has been around for quite a few years and it’s still one of my all time favourites. A quick project and a great way to show off fabrics, plus it’s totally reversible giving you two bags in one.

A useful bag as it gives you hands free shopping. We have a customer that carries her crochet to work in one of these as the bag sits on the wrist which gives her the freedom to crochet.

There is a step that some customers have found tricky so we do get the odd phone call for help. SO we decided to make a You Tube video to assist the maker while using the pattern.

The You Tube video will also include how I worked the Boro inspired side of the bag….I loved using up my scraps of yarn dyed fabrics. My darling Sarah is in charge of the You Tube video so keep an eye out for it in a few weeks..

Until next time,
Take care,


5 thoughts on “Boro Inspired Reversible Loop Bag.

  1. I’m trying to get your loop bag pattern but it says the website can’t be reached. Is there another way to get the pattern?

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