Kogin Printed Designs Table Setting From 1 Metre of Takumi Fabric

Table setting made from 1 metre of Takumi Fabric

When I was shown these beautiful fabrics from Japan I was very excited!  Not only because I enjoy kogin embroidery but also because I think that these traditional patterns have been so thoughtfully and carefully printed onto well chosen colours which are navy, black, green, light blue, and red. The fabric quality is excellent as are all the takumi fabrics and this certainly shows up so well in the final product.

Straight away I knew that there were many possibilities for this exciting fabric from  aprons, shirts, skirts, cushions, home decorations, quilts, bags, brooches, purses, hairbands . . . the list simply goes on.
I made the table setting using only one metre for the top in the navy colour and a small dot in navy 14N-1B for the backing.
A very quick and simple project to make for your own table or given as a gift.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic made up for Christmas using the red colour.
The instructions have been written and are complimentary on request when ordering 1m of these fabrics. I have included an image of the BeBe Bold Zippi Purse made up in the red. Kogin Designs – Table Setting


BeBe Bold Zippi Purse in Red


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